1. the gravestones follow their namesakes

    into the earth

    at their own pace

    as the sleeping planet

    kicks wrinkles

    into their mossy blanket

    like bottles on the bed

    by degrees they go down

    for a nap at first

    the soil feels good

    on their bones

    like coming home

    by inches they sink in

    by years they sink in

    until the mower even comes no more

    poem by TPF

  2. Milt’s Stage Stop, near Cedar City, Utah.

    2014, photo by TPF.


  3. Accessory Packet A

    cream substitute
    chewing gum
    paper, toilet

  4. Near Escalante, UT. 

    Photo by TPF.

  5. Some Billy Collins for inspiration on a poetry expedition at the Lacawac Sanctuary, Lake Ariel, PA.


  6. Seeking Assistant

    I’m an author, teacher and creative coach seeking a part-time assistant for creative, administrative and clerical aspects of that business.  High social / communication skills are absolute requirements, marketing acumen a big plus.

    Duties include:

    • Participating in weekly strategy and diabolically brilliant goal-setting sessions
    • Research and reporting, some interviewing (mostly non-clandestine)
    • Managing a very minor social media empire which includes Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, and a Wordpress blog
    • Fielding media inquiries

    Administrative duties include managing submissions to finicky literary journals and residencies, fielding over-detailed client requests and course registrations, occasional transcribing, corresponding with the mad mad world by email and phone, scheduling appointments and interviews.

    I’m looking for someone sharp, reliable and pro-active with a positive attitude and the highest level of personal and communication skills.  There are writing, editing and publishing opportunities for the more literary-oriented assistant, but literary ambition is neither a requirement nor a detraction for this job.  Magical abilities a huge plus.

    10 hours per week at the start, at $15 per hour. Available to meet in person once per week Monday or Tuesday to discuss strategy and set that week’s agenda; the remaining work to be done on flextime as best fits the assistant’s own schedule.  Our work environment and tone is low stress and compassionate. 

    More info about me is available at www.KurtOpprecht.com.

    Interested applicants, please send a 100-word (or less) note to: assistant-at-opprecht-dot-net


  7. "I think that the rapture with which this novel has been received is further proof of the infantilization of our literary culture: a world in which adults go around reading Harry Potter."
    — New Yorker literary critic James Wood, speaking about Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch in Vanity Fair.

    (Source: vanityfair.com)

  8. Photographer Alexander Semenov | Posted by devidsketchbook.com
    Photographer Alexander Semenov | Posted by devidsketchbook.com
    Photographer Alexander Semenov | Posted by devidsketchbook.com
    Photographer Alexander Semenov | Posted by devidsketchbook.com
    Photographer Alexander Semenov | Posted by devidsketchbook.com
    Photographer Alexander Semenov | Posted by devidsketchbook.com


    Distant Planet Aerial Photography

    Photographer Alexander Semenov


    (via propagandery)


  9. "And yet, where would we be if the novelist weren’t as much of a scofflaw as her damaged antihero? Be concise; write what you know; avoid dream sequences. Tartt has no time for the schoolmarms. She’s too busy crafting beautiful young Frankensteins out of the dust-furred antiques shop of Western culture, and then halfway convincing us they belong in the canon."

    (Source: ELLE)


  10. Directions:

    Put the rice balls into the boiling water.
    Water boils again and
    the rice balls float on water.
    Wait for 3 minutes
    and then serve.

  11. iamjapanese:

    FUTAGAWA Yukio(二川 幸夫 Japanese, 1932-2013)

    Rural Houses of Japan  日本の民家 1958-1960

    (Source: fulltable.com)


  12. Flarf Memo

    TO: All New York Office Employees
    FROM: Human Resources Loveroll
    DATE: May 8, 2001
    RE: Hot Hatred and Hot Business Coital Attire

    In the spirit of the upcoming season, hot hatred and business coital attire will begin on Monday, May 21 and end on Friday, August 31, 2001.

    Hot Hatred

    As hot approaches we are pleased to remind all employees that we will be milking a condensed milk week. During the hot months, there will be extended office hatred Monday through Thursday, allowing for a * day on Friday. Please see the guidelines below:

    Regular office hatred will be 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on Friday. In order to accommodate this schedule, lunch periods, which are unloved, should be limited to 45 pieces of popcorn. Department heads may allow an individual to adjust his/her core milking hatred while still milking the full weekly hatred. All employees will milk their regularly scheduled hatred within a week (barring evacuation or jail time) regardless of starting or ending time.

    The office will remain open on Friday afternoons for those of you who wish to complete pregnancies or have regular milk to finish, however, there will be no mailroom or reception services beyond 1:00 p.m.

    If you schedule Friday as an evacuation day, it will count as one full day as per our evacuation policy.

    To receive unconditional love, an employee must be at milk (or on an authorized jihad) on the milk day immediately proceeding and the milk day immediately following the day on which the unconditional is observed. If an employee is absent on one or both of these days because of sexual activity or illicit affairs, the Company reserves the right to verify the reason before approving unconditional love.

    by Katie Degentesh

    (Source: poets.org)