1. UnReal Estate

    What are you looking for?  A new creative space?  A chill-out venue?  A temple, or perhaps your own private island?  We have an infinity of unreal properties available.  Speak with one of our agents, close your eyes, and let us show you some unreal properties that will surpass your wildest dreams.  (Financing is available with a zero dollar down payment and zero percent interest forever.)

  3. Manhattan sidewalk, 2013. 

    Photo by TPF.

  4. Photo by TPF.

  5. Photo by TPF.

  7. Is this magical?  It looks like magic.  It’s known as a Nordic compass and I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I’m going to stare at it tonight for five and a half minutes before I go to bed and then dream of the path that leads me out of this little village NYC and into the wide world that I can’t really map in my little brain.


  8. Playing With Fire

    Twelve young men took off on a trek in the mountains of northern Thailand fourteen days ago: rafts, rivers, opium.  But they didn’t manage among the hill tribes as well as they expected. Now, back in Bangkok, Jackson considers the holes in his “civilized” culture, as he finds himself on the hook for manslaughter and madly in love with a woman who speaks no English.  Is this all Prometheus’ fault?  Has Pandora got her talons into Jackson?

    Playing With Fire, the debut novel by Tiny Pink Frog.  

    Paperback due out in Spring 2015.

    eBook out by request Spring 2014.

  9. Chelsea, NYC.

    Photo by TPF, 2013.

  10. Woman in a tiny orange hat with a highly hirsute bag at a Chelsea, NYC, gallery opening for a show of sculptures by the artist known as Kaws.

    Photo by TPF, 2013.

  11. A lion that had been prodded with sticks and pulled from its cage to pose with a model at the Coliseum yesterday, turned on the model, sank its teeth into her thigh and held on until a handler pried its jaws open.


    April 8, 1966: A lion named Ludwig mauled 21-year-old Nell Theobald during a preview of the BMW auto show at the Coliseum, after being poked and prodded and brought out for members of the press. About 150 people, including the Times photographer Neal Boenzi, witnessed the attack. “He could understand the potential of a situation,” said Librado Romero, a friend and colleague at The Times of Mr. Boenzi. “He said ‘This is never a good idea,’ so he hung around for a while,” Mr. Romero recalled on the Lens Blog. “Sure enough, the lion attacked the girl.” Photo: Neal Boenzi/The New York Times

  12. Neutral. No Brakes. No Steering.

    Chelsea, NYC.

    Photo by TPF. 2013.